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Winter Auction 2007> Artwork Details > Untitled by Tyeb Mehta

A contemporary of the Progressive Artists` Group Tyeb Mehta draws on personal experiences of struggle and survival to create his distorted visions of the violence that characterizes human society. "Tyeb Mehta has spent many years in the contemplation of suffering. He has condensed long histories

Auction 2003 (May)> Artwork Details > Trussed Bull by Tyeb Mehta

"Mehta accepts the necessity of art-historical cross-referencing but privileges the analytical mode of structuring references. He thus makes the sources formally coeval and the image symbolic in the universal sense of that term. Tyeb Mehta`s inscription of a figural metaphor for terror

Auction 2002 (May)> Artwork Details > Woman and a Bird by Tyeb Mehta

This painting titled "Woman with a Bird" was painted in the 1950`s when Tyeb Mehta`s subjects revolved around solitary figures with muted colors pervaded with a sense of melancholy. This is distinct from the palette of brighter and lighter colors that the artist adopted in the mid 1960`s when he

Auction Dec 06> Artwork Details > Untitled by Tyeb Mehta

Tyeb Mehta born in Kapadwanj Gujarat in 1925 is one of India’s most celebrated modern artists. Mehta was deeply influenced by the distortionist style of Francis Bacon such that “Tyeb’s images like Bacon’s are apocalyptic “ says critic Ranjit Hoskote. However Mehta’s figures engage the viewer within

Auction 2002 (December)> Artwork Details > Untitled by Tyeb Mehta

"Tyeb Mehta brings about an almost violent rhythm in his human forms…". Mehta`s focus on addressing violence and the impact of aggression ...iconic form is created by the stylization of many heads and many limbs emerging from the same axis while Mehta`s multiple forms originate elsewhere

Auction May 2006> Artwork Details > Situation by Tyeb Mehta

revealed. Here a mid-career Tyeb Mehta displays the vitality of a great painter realising his potential as a potent transmitter of emotion...The present Lot was executed in 1963 whilst the artist was based in London. Having first visited the UK in 1954 Mehta arrived for the second time

Spring Auction 2008> Artwork Details > Thinking of Leger by Sudhir Patwardhan

Sudhir Patwardhan a radiologist by training began to paint soon after his graduation from the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune in 1972. Entering the field of modern Indian art at a time when it was dominated by figurative artists like Bhupen Khakhar and Tyeb Mehta it is not surprising

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